Shipping and Handling

Shipping vinyl can be challenging. The post office sometimes mishandles them or they get damaged in transit. TimeCapsulez strives to provide a well packaged product that will not be damaged during transit.


Every record is cleaned before shipment, providing a better listening experience.

Using a 13×13 mailer, we pack our records with 2 cardboard inserts and one 12×12 sheet of bubble-wrap for extra protection and shock absorption during transit. Below you will see a series of photos stepping out the packing process!

First, place a cardboard insert on the center section of the shipper.

Then, removing the contents of the album, place the jacket (cover) on top of the cardboard, followed by the record in it’s sleeve and any additional items such as a lyric insert or poster.

Place the 12×12 bubble-wrap sheet on top of the contents of the package.

Place the second cardboard insert on top of the bubble-wrap, creating a “record sandwich” protecting the vinyl and the cover from damage.

More information coming soon!